Ashley Marie Quinn, Interaction Designer


tacit* is a concept for a science education platform that was conceived and designed during a 2 week sprint as part of NEA’s ‘In the Studio’ mentorship program. Working with my former classmate and friend, Steve Falletti, we wanted to find a way to express our own passion for learning and following alternative paths of education.

We realized that there has been a lot of thought about how design and education reform can help the TE in STEAM, and not enough about the S, the core of who and what we are.

tacit* is a platform that is rethinking how we teach science to the public in order to make it more accessible and contextual to our everyday lives. Using examples that are all around us, it is designed to teach people the concepts they need to know to become the scientists of tomorrow. Tacit is science on a human scale.

Project Details

Completed: Summer 2014 |  Team: Steve Faletti | Project Link: NEA ‘In the Studio’ | Project Tags: Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Science Education, Accelerator


Every month users will be taken on deep dives into subjects that are directly related to what they’re hearing and reading in the news. Topics will include but are not limited to food science, cognitive science, synthetic biology, and climate science, all areas that involve issues being reported on frequently and that people are interacting with daily.





A view of the user home dashboard shows where they can track their course activity, receive messages from other classmates as well as from lecturers and professors, dig deeper into subject matter by reading specially written articles related to each topic as well as have access to a “Current events” feed pulled in from other news sources.