Ashley Marie Quinn, Interaction Designer


Instaphotospot was an exploration into why and what we document using Instagram as the main explorative tool. During the fall of 2013 I worked with Brynn Shepherd and Beth Wernet in experimenting with the Instagram API, observing Instagram users in the wild, and creating public disruptions to see if we could get at what this behavior is all about. The project eventually culminated in Instaphotobooth. Below is our process and a few of the experiments that led to our final project, you can see more process at the Instaphotospot Tumblr.

Project Details

Completed: Fall 2013 | Class: Public Interfaces, Prof Michael Schneider | Team: Beth Wernet, Brynn Shepherd | Project Tags: Prototyping, Public Interfaces, SVA MFA IxD


Creation myth:¬†Once upon a time… there was a land. A beautiful land, full of wonders. It was inhabited by a race of people who had a very serious affliction. They wandered around in their own little bubbles, accompanied only by strange glowing rectangles that controlled their attention. If they spoke to each other, it was only through the rectangles. If they looked at the wonders around them, it was only through the rectangles, which filtered the image until the people believed the filtered version was better, and more beautiful. Meanwhile, countless wonderful things passed by without ever being noticed, simply because they fell outside the comfortable confines of the bubbles.



(Above) InstagramIRL was a traveling larger-than-life Instagram Interface. We set it up in Madison Square Park and at a Banksy street art piece that was getting a lot of attention. The interface was set up so as to frame a photo for the user. The public interacted with it in both expected and unexpected ways, it became clear early on that interjecting themselves in the frame was one of the most appealing parts of the project. The goals of this experiment were to:


(Above) #SoOriginal pulled photos from a specific location and/or tag using Statigram and Worldcam, the goal of the experiment was to look into photo redundancy in the realm of Instagram. Upon entering this experiment we wanted to highlight this redundancy, but after going through the hundreds of photos of specific locations we realized how valuable each of these images were to the person taking it and their friends and families consuming it.



#IwasthereIRL brought photos of places and things to the viewer. Inspired by FOMO (fear of missing out), we curated collections of Instagram photos like the ones above that took users on a tour of the Banksy NYC Street Art show. The user was prompted to take a close up picture of the photo of their choice and post it to their Instagram as if they had been there themselves.