Ashley Marie Quinn, Interaction Designer

Fortune Listeners

Fortune Listeners was a user research project to begin to understand how people are planning for their futures. The project was implemented as part of a larger assignment for our Design and Service class, where we were to create a service concept that would involve a full system of touchpoints and relationships.

The focus of Fortune Listeners was the future of retirement in the United States. Based on statistical data, competitive analyses, and research we were able to come up with hypotheses about how people were currently thinking about their future. The next step was to get out and do some real world research. We set up our Fortune Listeners table at Bryant Park and Union Square. We created a set of graphical cards, a play off of a deck of tarot cards, focused on different talking points for the interviewee to utilize throughout the conversation. The cards were meant to be both talking points, but also ice-breakers and a visual distraction from a such a serious and often avoided topic.

Project Details

Completed: Spring 2013 | Class: Design and the Service Experience, Prof Phi-Hong Ha and Kate Muth | Team: Alex Todaro, Pamela Jue, Adam Norbury | Project Tags: User Research,  Public Space, SVA MFA IxD





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